Experienced Atlanta Metro Area Bankruptcy Attorney Testimonials

The Law Office of Danielle J. Eliot, P.C. is proud to offer our services to clients in need. Below are just a few of the testimonials our clients have shared with us.


Great, Knowledgable, and Patient Attorney – April 14, 2017

I have worked with Danielle for many years. Her work is great and her patience with her clients is what made the difference with me. She took the time to work with me. I have also referred many clients to her because I trust her knowledge and insight.


Lifesaver – April 12, 2017

Thanks to Danielle I was able to file an affordable Chapter 7 bankruptcy. She was very accessible for questions and meetings. Extremely knowledgeable and down to earth. She provided the most help after consulting four experienced and highly recommended lawyers. I highly recommend Danielle Eliot!!!


Handled my case and not a department – September 29, 2015

Anytime I had questions about my case, I always spoke with Danielle. The prior law firm that represented me always had a different person speaking to me and could never speak to the same person twice. She helped me lower my payments and handled my case in a timely fashion.


Gave me a new start – July 12, 2013

Danielle took time to explain the whole bankruptcy process and did all the work.


Thank you so much, can I hire you? – June 23, 2010

I asked a simple question and she gave me a quick knowledgeable response.


The Law Office of Danielle J. Eliot, P.C. provides trusted chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy counsel for clients in Marietta and throughout the Atlanta metro area. If you need help tackling your debt, please contact our office at (770) 672-6735 to schedule a free consultation with an experienced and patient bankruptcy attorney.